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What is a Live Project ?

A "live project" is a small internship on an ongoing project of a company. It varies from a duration of one to several weeks depending upon the demand of the project.

Am I eligible to do a Live Project?

There is no eligibility criteria for any Live Project. If you feel you can achieve the target within the stipulated time, you are free to apply.

Is it necessary to visit the company office for the project?

The projects offered by Smart Tree will not require you to visit the company. Most of the work will be done over phone/E-mail and some of the projects might require field work.

How will I know what needs to be done in a project?

You will be properly instructed/trained before you start your project. This shall be done over phone/e-mail/skype.We will be available 24x7 to answer your queries.

What if I am not able to meet my target?

The certificate and the stipend will be given only if you achieve your target.

Mode of payment?

Stipend will be transferred to you either directly to your bank account or via PayTm within 1 week of completion of project.

How will the certificate be issued?

Certificates will be e-mailed to you once the project is completed.

When will I receive the above two?

Certificate will be issued within 24 hours of completion of project and stipend will be paid out within 1 week.

How will I know if I met my target/ completed the project?

You will be sending us your daily/weekly updates and you will be given your feedback. We will stay in constant touch with you ensuring you achieve your target without any hassles.

Are there chances to get PPI/PPO?

It depends on the performance of the intern. Some of the organisations could be willing to offer pre-placement offers or interviews.

How many projects can I do every month?

There is no limit.

Can I do multiple projects simultaneously?

You are free to take up as many projects as you like as long as you can achieve your targets.