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The importance of Live Projects and Internships heralds a new chapter for career progression. This thread isn’t new and it didn’t take long for people to understand the importance of exposure and hands on experience to build their career. As students enter college, a pertinent question rises; what should be done in free time that’s both fruitful and enriching? With the increased number of students completing MBA, finding students with good grades is not tough anymore. The question is, what is going to separate them from their peers?

The answer is Live Projects and/or Internship for both​ have become quintessential today to help student forge their career plan. Undoubtedly, they are the best way to test the waters and explore different options. Here’s a list of why these are necessary:

  1. As a student, there are several ambiguities and fears in one’s mind. Live Projects are windows to the corporate world. While pursuing a live project, you get to try your hand at every field and decide what interests you more. You also get the opportunity to learn a lot; small and big things alike. Internships clear a lot of apprehensions that one may have about the career path they want to choose. Other than learning on the job, there are several opportunities to improvise on soft skills.
  2. Projects give the opportunity to interact and network, not only is it the best platform to come in contact with influential people, it is also an easy way to make friends. They are the most convenient way of making professional connections which help you understand the field better.  They also allow one to get references and find new job opportunities. One can always find a professional mentor during such projects! 
  3. The biggest reason behind completing an internship or a live project would, hands down, be to build resume. A resume is a snapshot of a candidates’ caliber and can make or break it. Internships not only add to experience, but also give an opportunity to talk about the skills one acquired. There’s more topics to bring onto the table with an internship/live project on the resume. In an interview, it’s all about how you position yourself where experience always proves beneficial.
  4. In many cases, internships convert into full time employment. If the intern is seen as an asset who fits in the organization, a job offer is not far behind. Evidently, an internship Is the perfect time to absorb as much and then execute. Even if it is unpaid, there should be no holding back.
  5. Summer trainings and/or projects are the platform that helps in deciding if a certain career path is one’s cup of tea. In the phase of experimenting, such an experience can be an eye opener and direct one to their field of interest. It’s best to not get stuck in an area of work you don’t enjoy. For instance, X always thought she will excel in HR but an internship made her realize that she didn’t enjoy the work and was more inclined towards finance. Hence, a wrong decision was avoided.

There is no dearth of opportunities for students in the current education system. Companies are on the constant lookout for individuals who are energetic and eager to learn and perform. It goes without saying that presence of live projects and internships on a students' resume gives him an edge over others and such opportunities should be exploited.